Now is a time of tremendous opportunity for progressive leadership – leadership that focuses not only on profits, but also on how to serve employees and clients, and how organizations can make a positive impact on their communities. Leadership is not about being the boss and supervisor – it’s about being the visionary and coach.

Leaders are realizing that it’s not just what they do, but who they are that needs attention; that increasing emotional intelligence can make good leaders great; that employees and clients are your number one value-creators; that change is constant; and that defining a broader criteria for success based on a shared vision, aligned values, trusted relationships, purposeful action and significant results leads to enhanced performance and meaning in their professional (and personal) lives.

At Harmony Leadership Development, we support an integrated view of human and organizational development for leaders, individuals and teams. This means we work with people who are motivated to define and align their business goals by putting their values at the centre and building outward with purposeful action. This values-based approach creates congruence between who we are as people and who we are as leaders, and it has the power to transform relationships, increase trust and drive new levels of performance.

Our belief is that building values-based coaching cultures makes the greatest difference to developing high-performance, client-focused organizations that deliver what they promise while maximizing and harmonizing individual growth and business success.

From congruent leadership comes high-trust relationships. Significant results follow.

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