Our success in enhancing the effectiveness and lives of leaders is grounded in what we do as coaches, consultants and leaders, and in who we are as individuals. To be truly present with our clients, our journey starts with the courageous conversations we have with ourselves each day—conversations that ensure we are congruent and able to show up free of distractions or personal agenda. Empowering transformational relationships is our purpose. Helping leaders, individuals, teams, and organizations become healthy and prosperous is our goal.

Kira Schoch, CEC – Founder

Kira Schoch is a certified executive coach with a passion for helping entrepreneurs, senior and emerging leaders, and professionals dig deep for results that positively impact the effectiveness of their leadership, businesses and relationships, and enhance the overall health of their organizations and lives.

As an executive and leadership coach, Kira’s approach is personal, transformational, and entrepreneurial. She partners with her clients to unlock the power of their inner game, helping them actualize their potential and leadership mastery on an individual and collective level. This inside-out approach empowers her clients to create congruence between who they are as people and who they are as leaders, empowering authentic leadership, purposeful action, high-trust relationships—and significant results.

Kira has over 24 years in the professional services industry where she progressed into senior leadership roles, ultimately launching and leading her own professional services firm, Solera. Over eight years, Kira successfully grew her firm with professional service, high technology, and association clients from down the street to around the globe. Kira transformed Solera five years ago into Harmony Leadership Development to partner with leaders on their personal, people, and business leadership development, supporting them to maximize and harmonize individual and collective growth, relationships, and business success from the inside out.

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Jennifer MacLeod, M.ED, PCC – Associate

Jennifer’s work over the past 25 years has been focused on Personal Transformation and Leadership Development. She helps organizations and leaders focus on personal transformation for their people and their development. This has been done in the context of executive assessment and development, coaching, succession planning, leadership development, selection and recruitment and career transition support.

Jennifer’s background includes a broad range of experience working with the public sector and international and private consulting firms in the areas of training and development, executive search, industrial psychology and executive coaching and development.

Jennifer uses a highly client centered approach to work with individuals and organizations. She works with the premise that assuming responsibility is a basic condition for change. Creating that sense of responsibility comes from building awareness which in turn offers choice and control. Her work is built on therapeutic models that focus on the development of human potential rather than evaluating fault or weakness. Jennifer looks to facilitate choice and options for her clients that come from being willing to engage in organizational and self-discovery. She works intimately with her clients to build that awareness.

Throughout her career Jennifer has completed over 1,000 assessments of senior executives in the private and public sectors for purposes of development, leadership coaching, placement, succession planning, team building and recruitment. She has also provided extensive behavioral and career transition coaching.

Annick Chenier, M.A. – Associate

Annick Chénier, M.A. has over 20 years of experience as a bilingual Leadership Coach, in Leadership Development Programs and Group Facilitation in the public, private and not for profit sectors. Her attention has always been on supporting individuals and groups transform from the inside out using holistic and experiential methodologies.

Annick is passionate about helping individuals become empowered to lead authentically by bringing their unique signature into the world. She is known for her ability to create contexts for provocative and transformative conversations that generate profound and lasting shifts in individuals and collectives. In that capacity, she has developed and offered the Women’s Authentic Leadership Coaching Program for the Executive Programs of the Telfer School of Management.

Annick also works with teams in a holistic and highly participatory manner using a set of synergistically blended tools, techniques and concepts from the Genuine Contact Program™. This innovative approach works with the inherent strengths that are already present in organizations and assists in reinforcing the organization’s capacity to support the people involved in achieving their best performance and highest productivity.

Annick was honored with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for her work in Authentic Leadership Development at the Department of Justice. She was also a learning specialist for the Management Trainee Program and a coach/facilitator to the participants of the Scientists as Leaders Program.

Our Team

We work with a select group of independent coaches, consultants, and trainers to ensure the right team for each Harmony assignment. This enables us to fit seamlessly with the size and culture of any client. Each team member brings years of experience with different backgrounds, styles, and areas of expertise; we match their styles and competencies to your needs and culture.

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